This Is No Joke

What’s life, then?

We live our own version of life in every waking minute of every day.

It’s there in front of us on our TV and cinema screens as it’s played out for others.

Books present life in its many forms for us to enjoy and to widen our horizons.

But how should we live life?

Do we just respond to every circumstance that confronts us or is there more to know and understand?

I’m sure at some time in your life you’ve joked about arriving in this world with no Instruction Manual.

And no doubt you’ve read how some say we live in a School of Life.

Others have used the term University of Hard Knocks.

Okay, then,where is the missing manual, or the curriculum, or the University 101 textbook?

Then, what do we know anyhow?

The big problem is that most truths about life can’t be studied, read, examined, dissected, they’re not physical things.

After a lifetime of curiosity about such matters and constant investigation, without a single academic qualification (indeed, what is there on the matter?) here is my view of life.

And, most important, what we have been missing, to our great cost.

I belong to no religion, organisation, political party or movement of any kind so I hope I bring no bias to the debate.

Then, I recognise that we are all entitled to have our own views – or none at all.

I’m sure there will be issues where you will disagree with me, and that’s okay.

I hope that my writings will at least stimulate some further thought or the urge to investigate further.

My only motive, if I have one, is that I am attempting to make some sense of, as Gandhi titled his autobiography, the ‘Story of My Experiments With Truth’.

I suggest that a clearer understanding of such elusive Truths would make our lives much more enjoyable and the world a better place.

Best wishes,



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